Queen Harvest’s 2019 Reading Recap

For my fifth annual Reading Recap I decided to do something a little special: procrastinate for five months before finishing it. In my defense, I was very busy around New Year's, and I am very not-busy now. 1. Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman (2017) I am a sucker for tradition. Even if I don't follow them … Continue reading Queen Harvest’s 2019 Reading Recap

Becoming a Cyclist: Learning to Ride

The phrase “just like riding a bike” gets thrown around pretty freely in conversation and pop culture, carrying the implication that “riding a bike” is a simple task, taught once to children who never lose the skill.  Growing up (sidenote--I carry more emotional bike baggage than I ever knew), there were two types of bicycles: … Continue reading Becoming a Cyclist: Learning to Ride

Queen Harvest’s Top Ten (10) Movies of 2018

The One that Holds Everything (The Romanoffs Episode 8) The Violet Hour (The Romanoffs Episode 1) End of the Line (The Romanoffs Episode 7) House of Special Purpose (The Romanoffs Episode 3) The Royal We (The Romanoffs Episode 2) Bright and High Circle (The Romanoffs Episode 5) Expectations (The Romanoffs Episode 4) Panorama (The Romanoffs … Continue reading Queen Harvest’s Top Ten (10) Movies of 2018