Becoming a Cyclist: My Setup

I picked my bike out of a rewards catalog, so I only had one decision to make: a horizontal top tube (aka a “boy’s bike”), or a sloping top tube (aka a “girl’s bike”). Thank goodness I didn’t have to make any more decisions, because I spent the next three months comparing and considering and … Continue reading Becoming a Cyclist: My Setup


Queen Harvest’s Top Ten (10) Movies of 2018

The One that Holds Everything (The Romanoffs Episode 8) The Violet Hour (The Romanoffs Episode 1) End of the Line (The Romanoffs Episode 7) House of Special Purpose (The Romanoffs Episode 3) The Royal We (The Romanoffs Episode 2) Bright and High Circle (The Romanoffs Episode 5) Expectations (The Romanoffs Episode 4) Panorama (The Romanoffs … Continue reading Queen Harvest’s Top Ten (10) Movies of 2018

Inventory of a Stolen Purse

Black leather purse. Portable battery charger. 4" lightning cable. Small, rectangular, metal plate stamped with La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. Recovered from my grandmother's home in Miami after her death. Magnet spelling out "DENVER," decorated with the “C” of the Colorado flag. Airport souvenir for my Dad. Plastic pill container with emergency stores … Continue reading Inventory of a Stolen Purse