Cost in Translation

I read Crime and Punishment in five days. It was my first Dostoevsky, I was on Christmas break, and I was taken. The novel had been on my shelf for months. I bought it in one of Barnes & Noble’s regular buy-2-get-3rd-free sales, and I didn’t give one thought to the translator. Once I fell … Continue reading Cost in Translation

Queen Harvest’s 2019 Reading Recap

For my fifth annual Reading Recap I decided to do something a little special: procrastinate for five months before finishing it. In my defense, I was very busy around New Year's, and I am very not-busy now. 1. Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman (2017) I am a sucker for tradition. Even if I don't follow them … Continue reading Queen Harvest’s 2019 Reading Recap

In Review: The Devil in the White City and The Fountainhead

Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City is a remarkable piece of pop history. Larson takes two very different historical narratives–one bringing pride and hope to a city, the other leaving shame and fear –and sews them into one fascinating garment. I expected the serial killer to keep my interest, but I was pleasantly … Continue reading In Review: The Devil in the White City and The Fountainhead

In Preview: James Joyce’s Ulysses

My journey to Ulysses began with another classic of the modern canon: the Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection. I listened to those two CDs ad nauseam, ceasing only when the 30th Anniversary Collection was released. Along with “King Tut” and “Monster Mash,” Allan Sherman’s “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah!” is one of the more well-known tracks. … Continue reading In Preview: James Joyce’s Ulysses