In Review: Once Were Brothers

I love The Band. This blog is named after a song by The Band. My username is based on a song by The Band. Fans of The Band feel a little on the outside. The Band’s moment in the spotlight was short and unusual, and they don’t get the fanfare that many of their contemporaries … Continue reading In Review: Once Were Brothers


Cost in Translation

I do not speak or read Russian, so I am at the mercy of literary critics, polyglots, and bored Amazon reviewers. There are many P&V detractors. Whether they prefer other modern translators, Constance Garnett, or someone in between, many reviews (that are not featured on book jackets) criticize Pevear and Volokhonsky. The more I have read, the more I have had to accept they may not be the be-all end-all of Russian translators.

Queen Harvest’s Top Ten (10) Movies of 2018

The One that Holds Everything (The Romanoffs Episode 8) The Violet Hour (The Romanoffs Episode 1) End of the Line (The Romanoffs Episode 7) House of Special Purpose (The Romanoffs Episode 3) The Royal We (The Romanoffs Episode 2) Bright and High Circle (The Romanoffs Episode 5) Expectations (The Romanoffs Episode 4) Panorama (The Romanoffs … Continue reading Queen Harvest’s Top Ten (10) Movies of 2018