In Review: The Ulysses List

The Ulysstes? The Ulistes? No. What better day than Bloomsday to revisit my plan and preparations to read Ulysses. Right on schedule, I started Ulysses January 1, and I was able to finish on February 1. I am not foolish enough to make any attempts toward analysis, but I am comfortable saying that Ulysses is … Continue reading In Review: The Ulysses List

Queen Harvest’s 2015 Reading Recap

Learning that a friend read over 200 books last year compelled me to reevaluate my reading habits. A voracious reader as a child, I had let various distractions take priority over my time, even though reading continued to bring me joy and satisfaction. I read maybe five books in 2014, and I found that unacceptable. … Continue reading Queen Harvest’s 2015 Reading Recap

Review: What’s Bred in the Bone, by Robertson Davies

What’s Bred In the Bone is the second novel in Robertson Davies’ Cornish Trilogy. As anticipated, 1985's WBITB follows the life of a minor figure in The Rebel Angels, Francis Cornish, whose death in the earlier book leaves professors Hollier, McVarish, and Darcourt with the task of sorting through his massive collection of paintings, sculptures, … Continue reading Review: What’s Bred in the Bone, by Robertson Davies

Review: The Rebel Angels, by Robertson Davies

The Rebel Angels is a 1981 novel by Robertson Davies, the first in his Cornish Trilogy. It is a story of scholars and their peculiarities, magic and its realities, and classics and their application to modern man. Sentence for sentence, Davies' prose is unparalleled: clear, expressive, and beautiful. The characters and story lines are delightfully … Continue reading Review: The Rebel Angels, by Robertson Davies